V2X Smart GPS Tracker

Expertise in offering Telematics Platform and selling intelligent vehicle GPS devices.

จีพีเอส ติดรถ

Why us?

We're not just a GPS Tracker

V2X focuses on developing and providing customers with fleet management and telematics products based on the location of the vehicle.

A reliable platform that provides telecommunications technologies to all regions of Thailand.

GPS Tracker

Report current automobile location, battery voltage, radiator temperature, engine RPM, speed, engine status and can be brought to the parked car's location.

Driving behaviour

eport driving characteristics including speed, braking, acceleration, and abrupt turns.

Car malfunction

Report engine problems and malfunctions as a DTC Code by reading various values directly from the car's ECU.

Security notification

Notify when the car starts or moves

Designated location

Set the perimeter of the alerted area, when entering and exiting.

Maintenance appointment schedule

Schedule an appointment to inform the maintenance crew.

Journey report

Transport and route summaries over the previous 365 days

Family care

Share your location with others through the application.

Report Trip cost

Trip cost report for each route by updating the oil price daily from the PTT website.

Loyal customers

V2X can fulfill the requirements of any customer or market segment. Whether it is a personal customer who would like to track, monitor, and alert various aspects of personal vehicle safety. Even if corporate customers with integrated products that will help increase business efficiency under control and conditions which the business can customize to optimize the use of business vehicles.