Nowadays, tracking the car’s location has become more convenient because there is a GPS system that no matter where in the world GPS can access and locate the coordinates that we want to know quickly. Currently, there are 2 types of commonly used GPS systems that people use. Used through an application on a smartphone and use a GPS tracking device installed in the car But what kind of equipment? Will it help you to track the car’s coordinates more accurately? and when the smartphone can tell the coordinates Why do you still have to buy a car GPS? Today V2X will come to clear the doubt. So you can choose the device that best suits you.

What is the difference between a smartphone and a GPS tracker?

Nowadays, the use of GPS supports a wide variety of applications. Whether it is used to find the coordinates of cars, people or things, as well as to guide us to unfamiliar places. It has a GPS signal chip that can receive signals from satellites. and then can calculate their own coordinates or position After that, the coordinates will be sent back to the Server to display on the map again. However, to use the GPS system on a smartphone with a GPS tracking device, there are different usage patterns. And we should choose a device that is suitable for that use in order to get the most efficiency in use.

Smartphones are used to navigate or track mobile locations.

“Smartphones” that we use today will always have a GPS device. But usually the work of a smartphone. Unlike a car GPS tracker, it is often used to navigate where we are going or where we have never been. The advantages of smartphones are The ability to tell us the information we search for along with providing comprehensive details Whether it’s the time to reach the distance, calculate the route where the car is empty. traffic jam route Most of which will be used with popular applications that we are already familiar with, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps on the iPhone/iPad.

It is also commonly used to find your own smartphone. This will indicate the location of the machine that we have opened the last position. To be a clue when our smartphone disappears As well as being used in the event of an emergency, GPS on smartphones will be able to send real-time where we are to the people we need to help immediately. But depending on the strength of the WiFi network, such as Wi-Fi or 4G, because if we go to an area with a bad signal Data may not be updated in real time and difficult to find in a timely manner.

GPS tracker, suitable for tracking coordinates. find car location

While a “GPS tracker” is a very useful and easy to install GPS device, Not different from smartphones without the need to dismantle the console or go through a difficult installation process Just buy a car tracking device. register and plug the device into your car. It can be used immediately. The GPS receiver in the car GPS tracker will work with satellites. and also be able to connect to the Internet world This allows us to quickly track and monitor the vehicle’s location in real-time. No matter where you are, you can check the information of the car anytime, anywhere. If the car is lost or you want to find the coordinates quickly, the GPS tracker will help us find the location quickly.

In addition to the speed of tracking coordinates with high resolution and accuracy, GPS tracking devices have also developed technologies that increase efficiency in use. It comes with many other functions such as showing the current car location and the previous route. Warning symptoms or engine malfunctions before they escalate Car safety alerts, such as when the car is moved when the vehicle enters and exits the designated area or even alerts when the speed of the car over speed by various information will be stored in memory which can transmit data to the computer for us to look back on as well

When the smartphone can tell the coordinates So why buy? Another GPS in the car?

Even today, mobile technology has evolved far, not just using just making calls, just like the old mobile phone anymore because there is a GPS system that can help to navigate or track the location. But if you are looking for a device that will help you find or track the location of a car that can be both fast and accurate, a car GPS tracker can be considered a device that is more suitable for tracking the coordinates of the car. Plus, having it attached is still reassuring. Because this device can help increase both the convenience of tracking the car accurately. Increase the safety of caring and driving with various warning systems that allow you to troubleshoot problems in a timely manner.

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