Of course, the main purpose of a GPS car tracker is to determine where your car is now. which is a device that will increase the safety of your car

How great would it be if your car GPS can be more convenient for you than just checking your car’s location? But can also check the fuel consumption rate, which V2X Smart GPS Tracker will help make your life more convenient in the matter of travel. since the location until the oil usage check

GPS tracking device, calculate fuel consumption precisely

Fuel consumption calculation of V2X Smart GPS Tracker starts from the type of fuel when the usage is registered for the first time. What kind of oil is used by your car, our GPS tracker will use this information to calculate. and in terms of oil prices There will be references from PTT’s website, which is constantly updated daily.

average oil consumption What does it depend on?

in the use of oil The lost fuel rate and the V2X Smart GPS Tracker GPS Tracker will calculate that. It will depend on the use of different cars.

Driving behavior of each person is not the same. Some people may be driving at a low speed. The fuel consumption rate is not very high. While some may be a relatively fast driver. That will result in higher oil usage rates.

Pressing the accelerator is one of the components of fuel consumption. Because for anyone who tends to step on the accelerator kick down or some people when to start the car tends to get out of the surge often, which causes these causes to have a higher fuel efficiency than general.

Traffic conditions Sometimes the oil disappears without our knowledge. The reason may be due to traffic conditions. because where the more traffic congestion Our cars have to stay on the road for a long time. The oil will disappear in vain without us using it to the fullest.

How long can I view historical data?

On every trip, we would like to check that our car has been used a lot. how little

Some people would like to look at their own travel history a bit backwards. but the problem is We may not remember on every trip that we have been. But for the GPS tracker V2X Smart GPS Tracker, we are able to retrieve the history of our trips up to 1 year back, which will be shown in depth details, making it possible to know How heavy are we using the car? And will let us know ourselves that if we use a heavy car like this Will the car have any problems?

Easy to install, convenient to use via smartphone

You can easily check your car by downloading an application called “V2X-A2” to your smartphone. and connect to your V2X car GPS tracker device after just being able to conveniently check the status of your car. and can also be done anywhere every time as well

V2X Vehicle GPS Tracker will give you the convenience of car monitoring. That’s not just checking the car’s location. It can be easily purchased at the AIS shop, AIS online store, or through the AIS Telewiz storefront, participating branches. If anyone is interested, you can stop by to ask for information and buy.