No one knows When will there be an unexpected incident with my own car? The more some of you who use their own cars in risk areas. Or often have to travel far enough that people at home may be worried. Having a device that can track the position of the car quickly and accurately will help create more safety for life, like a GPS car mounted V2X Smart GPS Tracker that adds convenience and safety to the car. yours since the coordinates location tracking Alerts the movement of the car that you can check from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Guarantee that there is a car tracker for this model. Absolutely relieved and worried!

Track your car’s location quickly and accurately.

If there is a way to increase the safety of our car It must be protected first! With the work of V2X Smart GPS Tracker, the car GPS has a stable server that sends display data quickly and accurately, so it is an important item to help locate and track the location of your car.

Update real time information, check the car at any time.

If there is an unfavorable situation The faster you know It will be more timely problem solving! V2X Smart GPS Tracker is a car GPS tracker connected to the internet world. Which allows us to use it easily by reporting the status of the car through the application that we have installed as a basic device on either a mobile phone or tablet. This allows the car owner to track and monitor the location of the car in real-time quickly, wherever they are, they can check the information of the car anytime, anywhere.

Notify every movement

no matter where you are How far is it from the car? or even while driving If your car is moving strangely or has abnormal symptoms. You will know immediately Because there is a warning system for symptoms or malfunctions of the engine, such as when the car is moved. when the vehicle enters and exits the designated area or even alerts when the speed of the car over speed or when the car is in an accident If there is a V2X Smart GPS Tracker that comes with these smart functions It will help you to understand the problem or symptoms with your car more easily.

Travel reports for the past 365 days

How to track the car? Where did the car travel? You can check back immediately. V2X Smart GPS Tracker allows you to easily browse historical data. which can retrieve insights Travel back (Trip Report) of the car up to 365 days and easily choose to see the date – time as you want, or click on the graph icon that is in-depth details of the selected trip as well.

Car GPS, inexpensive, easy to install

V2X Smart GPS Tracker is an affordable car GPS that anyone can use and is also easy to buy. Comes with a SIM card that has coverage all over Thailand It’s also a very useful device and very easy to set up. without the need to dismantle the console No wires needed or go through a difficult installation process Just buy a car tracking device. register and plug the device into your car. It can be used immediately.

No worries! If there is a GPS in the car, V2X Smart GPS Tracker

Just think that if one day our car has an unexpected disaster, it would be a headache, wasted time and money in chaos. But if you install V2X Smart GPS Tracker, a GPS car tracking device that enhances safety. both to help track the car’s location Keep your belongings from getting lost. Help to control the driving. drive too fast Help alert the problem of unfavorable symptoms that escalate. All of this will help increase the safety of both your car and your own life to be convenient, safe and confident.

The V2X smart car tracker can benefit you more than you think. It is very easy to buy at the AIS shop, AIS online store or the dealer through the AIS Telewiz shop, participating branches. Anyone who is interested can come in and ask for information and purchase.