When choosing something to use, you should check carefully before purchasing. because if you bought it That item cannot be used with the equipment we need. We would have to spend free money.

And for the V2X Smart GPS Tracker car GPS Tracker, there are cars that can both be installed and not installed as well.

What is a GPS tracking device?

Vehicle GPS Tracker is a device that determines the location of a vehicle through a global positioning system. GPS systems are most commonly used to track people, vehicles, or trucks of dangerous goods. with a signal chip that will receive signals from satellites and then used to calculate the coordinates of the people Or the vehicle that this technology is called GPS Tracking, which GPS Tracking technology in addition to being able to determine the location. The technology can also determine geographic coordinates, latitude, longitude, terrestrial speed. Direction and path of movement of the object as well, and when wanting to see the results. We were able to easily view through the smartphone screen.

View real-time vehicle information on your mobile phone.

How great would it be if we could see the location? Including various information of our car in Real Time all the time, the V2X Smart GPS Tracker car GPS Tracker will connect via the Internet, easy to use through the Application, this will be able to view the car information in Real Time quickly.

GPS car tracking that is more than a GPS

Usually, most GPS trackers will only do the job of tracking the car. There are no additional functions, but for the V2X Smart GPS Tracker there are various functions that will facilitate your car care more.

Trip Report system

It is a system that can view our travel history. It can tell the distance traveled. travel time oil consumption rate which can be viewed back up to 365 days.

Engine performance analysis system Engine performance analysis system.

It is a system that will notify the abnormal symptoms of the car as a specific code when the problem is known Users can bring the car to check the problem.

Can be used with what car models?

The V2X car GPS tracker will only work with vehicles manufactured from 2008 to the current year that are OBDii compliant and will not work with hybrid, electric or modified vehicles such as LPG-powered cars, NGV or a car with a modified engine to make it stronger.

If your car is not listed in the database. The salesperson will always test the V2X device on the customer’s vehicle first. To verify that the customer’s car can support the use of the engine malfunction check or not.

Smart car tracking device V2X that can benefit you more than you think. No matter what model your car is we are ready to advise you on all matters. Easy to buy at AIS shop, AIS online store or dealer through the AIS Telewiz shop, participating branches. Anyone who is interested can come to ask for information and buy.