When it comes to car GPS, everyone has probably heard of the V2X Smart GPS Tracker. Because it is the number 1 car GPS in the hearts of car users with functionality that meets modern lifestyles, whether it is a car location. Report driving behavior such as speed, braking, accelerating, sudden turns and can also alert various malfunctions of the car, including battery values, oil temperature reports, radiator temperatures, etc.

but believe that many There are still questions about the functionality of the car GPS from V2X whether it really works or not? Today, V2X brought Nana MC, a professional MC. Real users tell about their impressions. After trying this car GPS from us.

User reviews from real users

“With Nana’s profession… I have to travel most of the time. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in all aspects. especially the car After knowing V2X’s GPS, Nana was confident about safety. Ready for travel everywhere, because this car GPS device, he can check the abnormality of the car, including checking the temperature of the radiator. oil price report Report battery easily via a single smartphone. Importantly, this car GPS. Can be easily installed by yourself Just plug it into your car’s port. It can be used immediately.

For anyone looking for a car GPS That has many facilities for us to recommend V2X Smart GPS Tracker.” Thank you for the great review from Khun Nana.

V2X’s car GPS can be easily purchased at AIS shop, AIS online store or dealer through AIS Telewiz participating branches. including online purchase channels Shopee, Lazada and JD Central Anyone interested can come and ask for information. And can buy it now!