Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking to facilitate the tracking of their own vehicles easily. And faster, even more GPS nowadays, not just a car tracking function. But it can also do many other things that will make it more convenient for users. Helping to make the use of vehicles more easy.

GPS Tracking from V2X is one of the most fully-functional GPS with real convenience. and in this article We will explain to you how our GPS can check every travel coordinate accurately. And what functions are outstanding?

GPS Tracking from V2X. Check every location accurately.

GPS Tracking functionality from V2X has a stable server. The device has both a GPS receiver that can track precisely and has a SIM card slot that receives internet signals. Which will come with an AIS SIM card that supports 4G networks, which can cover the whole of Thailand. That’s why it helps to locate and track the car’s location quickly and accurately.

Check vehicle information in real time

GPS Tracking from V2X works by connecting to the world of the Internet. Making use of it is convenient and easy because it can check the status of the car easily through the application. And can check the location of the car in real-time, no matter where it is, you can check it anywhere, anytime.

GPS Tracking and convenience functions

GPS Tracking that is more than GPS because of the development of technology that facilitates various matters and increases the efficiency of use. It comes with many functions. Can definitely answer the lifestyle of people in this era.

Whether it’s about showing the route backwards Warning of engine malfunctions before Alerts for car safety, such as when the car is about to be stolen without our knowledge. Or will it be a function when the car enters and exits the designated area? There is also an alert when vehicle speed. Driving over the speed limit If you have good GPS Tracking like this, it will help facilitate the use of the car as well.

Easy to install, pocket-friendly price

GPS Tracking from V2X is a GPS that can be easily installed without having to dismantle the console. No wires needed just buy the device and register Plug the device into the car. This can be used immediately and even if the GPS has a lot of functions like this. But in terms of the price, anyone can reach it without difficulty as well.

GPS Tracking from V2X can be easily purchased in the AIS shop, AIS online store or through the AIS Telewiz storefront, participating branches. And through various online platforms, whether it’s Shopee, Lazada and JD Central, if anyone is interested, you can come in and ask for information and shop now.