The battery is the first and most important device in a car. With being designed to be a device to supply electricity to various equipment of the car, such as the engine, turn signal system, air conditioning system. Motor starters, etc. Many people have heard of GPS trackers as a device to help locate vehicles such as cars, boats, trucks, etc.

Nowadays, GPS tracking devices are gaining widespread popularity, and everyone is using it to install them in their car. because in addition to helping to determine the location of the car’s coordinates Can also alert the abnormalities of the car as well, which V2X Smart GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking device that comes with many useful functions such as tracking the car’s position quickly, accurately, and easy to use. through an application on a smartphone Able to report trips back up to 365 days and most importantly, affordable. Anyone can own a GPS car tracker is a technology device that helps car lovers feel as if they have a friend who takes care of their car 24 hours a day.

The operation of the V2X GPS tracker will also rely on the battery of the car. When plugged in the V2X Smart GPS Tracker all year, how much battery will it use? Today the answer is here.

How much battery does the V2X GPS tracker use?

V2X Smart GPS Tracker Vehicle GPS Tracker is plugged into the OBD2 port which uses battery to perform various functions. V2X Smart GPS Tracker devices are normally powered by the vehicle battery. At 60 mAh, the GPS car tracker will have 2 minutes of Wake-up (60 mAh) and 1-minute (10 mAh) of Sleep. which if you plugged in a GPS tracker for a year GPS power consumption Track the car from that battery. It depends on the capacity, model, size, brand of the battery in the car.

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