It’s a good idea to install a car GPS tracker. Because it can allow us to know the location of our car precisely when we are not driving ourselves, which in addition to GPS can tell the location. may also be able to tell more than the position of the car as well, such as the fuel consumption rate tell the condition of the car But to use GPS Installed in the car, it may be necessary to see if our car can be installed or not, the model or year of manufacture of the car is compatible with the device or not. In order to buy and then be able to use it. Don’t waste time bringing products to change.

What is OBD2?

Actually, OBD has been around for a long time since 1968 by the invention of many brands. And has been developed continuously, which, of course, when brands want to develop their own The code used to report vehicle problems is also different. Until the California Society of Automotive Engineers called for the standardization of OBD ports and diagnostic kits. so that every car can check the malfunction of the car

Later in 1994, California It has mandated that all vehicles sold from 1996 onwards must have an OBD port according to the California Association of Automotive Engineers standards. And after that, Europe began to adopt the same measures in 2001 and today the OBD that is installed in the general car will be the OBD2 model.

OBD2, or On-board Diagnostic, is a port that tells you where your car is faulty. which this port is located in the instrument panel If the car has abnormal symptoms, the engine light will show up on the dashboard of the car. In addition, the OBD2 port can also bring the values ​​that the car has stored to help diagnose the condition of the car as well.

Easy to install, no dismantling

In the old days, installing a GPS tracker in a car might be quite difficult. because the car console must be dismantled in order to install But nowadays it’s very easy to install GPS. Especially the GPS in the car V2X Smart GPS Tracker do not waste time dismantling the car. Just attach it to the OBD2 port and it can be used and can check various performance including the position of the car easily via the application from the V2X on your smartphone.

It can be installed on which car models?

Typically, the V2X car tracker can be installed on cars manufactured from 2008 to the current year that support the OBD2 standard. The device cannot be installed on hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, or vehicles that have been modified engines, such as cars with LPG, NGV gas, or vehicles that have been modified to make the engine more powerful.

Therefore, for a vehicle that has already been installed, it may not be able to use the GPS tracking device to its full potential. The reason will be that your car may not be a model that supports the function of the device so it can’t work at full efficiency.

How to troubleshoot if the device is not working at full capacity?

Usually if your car model is not in the database. The salesperson must always test the device of the GPS tracking device first. To check if your car can use our device or not. After using it, will there be any malfunction with the car? If the device has been purchased and has a problem, you can contact V2X to check the device’s malfunction again.

Smart car tracking device V2X that can benefit you more than you think. and can also be used in conjunction with the OBD2 port as well. It can be purchased easily at the AIS shop, AIS online store, or through a dealer through the AIS Telewiz shop, participating branches. Anyone who is interested can come in and ask for information and purchase.