Prevent the loss of motorcycles

Motorcycles are popular vehicles both inside and outside of cities in modern times. The current total number of motor vehicles is more than 22 million, and motorcycles are in high demand. Whether it’s a new or used car on the black market stolen. Despite the fact that we have a variety of measures in place […]

“EV Car” electric vehicle industry Investment themes to watch in 2020

In the past few years, many of you have probably heard of the electric car trend that is being talked about both in Thailand and many countries in the news or automotive exhibitions. Currently, the cars that we use as vehicles. Can be divided into 3 types: 1. Cars powered by petrol or combustion engine […]

Department of Land Transport launches DLT Free Wifi and DLT Smart Service

Department of Land Transport launches application on smartphones DLT Smart Service, which can be downloaded for both IOS and Android operating systems. Department of Land Transport opens free Wi-Fi for public services At the Department of Land Transport (Chatuchak) and the Bangkok Transport Office Areas 1-4

“NS Commune Suphanburi installed V2X equipment”

NS Commune, the leading provider of Ais Fiber installation and service in Suphanburi province. Confident in V2X’s vehicle management system to help reduce costs and save time in managing vehicles in the system. Know the exact location To arrange car service queues in the area, vehicle status, in-out times, safe, confident in the property and […]

“Friendly Maitri Medical Company trusts to use V2X Car Telematics equipment”

Friendship Medical Company The clinic provides medical, dental, physical therapy services by doctors and specialist staff. With more than 50 branches in 6 provinces, including Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Chonburi and Rayong, we are confident in using the V2X Car Telematics car management system to reduce the cost of car management in the […]

What is GPS TRACKING and why is it a device that every car should have?


When talking about the top problems that many car owners tend to feel very worried about. It is inevitable that the car is lost or stolen. Or some of you may be using your own car in a risky area where lost cars occur frequently, but don’t worry too much. If your car is equipped […]

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Car GPS

จีพีเอส ติดรถ

GPS tracking device besides being a device that helps track the location of the car. so that we know Where is the car now? GPS devices in the car are also an important help to increase the safety of your car as well. The system helps to alert the car lost, stolen. Warning symptoms of […]

Make car tracking easy with the V2X Smart GPS Tracker.


No one knows When will there be an unexpected incident with my own car? The more some of you who use their own cars in risk areas. Or often have to travel far enough that people at home may be worried. Having a device that can track the position of the car quickly and accurately […]

What problems does GPS Tracking from V2X solve?


Whether you’re worried about missing your car Operate your own car in a risky area. or even someone who is not proficient in driving or motoring. Installing a car tracker to help locate and track location malfunction alert It is a good solution that helps relieve your worries and gives you more peace of mind. […]